Our LED lighted products can enhance the ambience and add to the atmosphere of a variety of places.When placed by the pool or on the terrace in hotels and resorts, they create a magical mood. LED-lighted tree-pots are ideal for vast spaces such as resorts and beaches. In bars and restaurants, LED seats can transform the look and feel of the place. Also, LED lights can be placed strategically to provide the balance between light and privacy. Our LED lights and planters are increasingly being used as part of landscapes as they enhance the night view.

LED-lighted objects and planters dotted around the venue of a wedding enrich the festive atmosphere further. LED-lighted products can be used in the exteriors of offices and homes. Our LED-lighted planters can be used to illuminate the path or light up the garden and make it look elegant at the same time. Indoors, they can be used either as lights, planters or just as decorative objects. In events and exhibitions these products can be used in innovative ways. A product such as a hollow LED-lighted wall can be used in exhibition stalls to showcase a company’s products. LED lights also add to the atmosphere at outdoor as well as indoor conferences. When our LED products are placed in places of Tourist interest, they liven up the environment.

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